Rehab Concierge Miami

Individualized Rehab, Consultation and Beyond...


Often times acute injuries only need 1-2 sessions and do not require prolonged weeks of therapy.  Often times in these cases you get locked into 2-3x/week for weeks of therapy with co-pays of up to $40-$50 a visit.  In chronic pain cases, often times insurance does not cover beyond a certain number of visits and you may require a more comprehensive, individualized, “hands-on” approach which we cater to as well.
As a concierge service we do not take insurance.  My suggestion if you are trying to decide whether this service is for you is to set up an evaluation.  Often times with basic injuries an evaluation/treatment session may be all that is necessary.  If your case is not appropriate for therapy, we do provide consultation in our evaluation process and may help direct you in the appropriate direction for your particular case.  
Our concept is to bridge the gap between your urgent care facility and a typical PT setting.  Pricing is variable dependent on the level of care needed.  Please call and we can give an individualized estimate for your particular case.  


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